This Valentine’s Day, Hugh Loves You!

Valentine’s Day, Wednesday February 14th

“Who Loves You?”

After finishing a balmy bath in her herd’s favorite hot spring, Elsa the Elephant rested her trunk and stood tall in the warm winter sun.

“Valentine’s Day delivery!”  Squawked Telly the Toucan, and he landed on Elsa’s back.

“For me?”  Elsa blushed.  She playfully plucked the valentine card from Telly’s beak with her trunk.  “I wonder who it’s from.”  Elsa pretended to be surprised, though she had anxiously awaited this moment all day.

Elsa scurried to the nearest canopy tree and squatted in the sand.  She held the valentine in the tip of her trunk, and read aloud…

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“Elsa, who loves you?”

Elsa giggled and read on.

“Could it be the rocks that pave the trail on which you journey through the jungle each day?”

“Or maybe the wayward birds who hitch a ride on your back like passengers on a city bus?”

Elsa giggled some more.

“Or surely the baby elephants you have raised, who have grown to be brave, strong and bold just like you?”

“Might it be the stars in the night sky, who together have aligned to bring you happiness this Valentine’s Day?”

Elsa smiled and swooned, then read some more.

“Elsa, is it possible that you are loved by everything on earth, by everything in the sky, and by everything in between?”

Elsa paused when a cool winter breezed rustled the canopy tree’s leaves.

Suddenly everything turned grey.  But it was a lovely grey, like the color of a joyful elephant.  Elsa closed her eyes.  She felt weightless.  Like she had been lifted into the sky.  When she opened her eyes, everything she loved floated across her vision like a movie.  Her life’s journey, her wayward friends, her family, and finally her valentine – the promise of being loved back.

“Or perhaps the answer is quite simple.  Perhaps the answer is just… me.”  Hugh the Elephant suddenly stood under the canopy tree, smiling with his trunk held high.

Elsa gasped.  Little heart shaped butterflies twirled around Elsa’s ears while she listened.

“So Elsa, will you be my valentine?”  Hugh recited the last sentence from his valentine to Elsa, for he knew it by heart.  “For if anyone ever asks, ‘Who loves you?’  The answer is Hugh.  Hugh, that’s who!”

“My dearest Hugh, you have my heart!”  Elsa flopped her ears with joy.

Elsa wrapped her long trunk around Hugh’s.  They stood under the canopy tree for the rest of the day, embraced in a “Hugh”ge hug.  As their trunks tangled together, they formed the shape of an elephant sized heart.

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