A Thanksgiving Pumpkin Puzzle

  “Izzy A. Pumpkin” Bearington Bear

Izzy Wizzy iz a pumpkin
Izzy Wizzy iz a bear
If Izzy Wizzy iz a pumpkin
Izzy Wizzy izn’t a bear
Or izzy?

©2017 Bonbon Bears

So the question is, izzy a pumpkin, or izzy a bear? Let your loved ones decide when you send them our “fall-licious” Thanksgiving Candy Bear Bouquet. Featuring our Collectible pumpkin scented “Izzy A. Pumpkin” Hand Crafted Bear from the award winning Bearington Bear collection, and loaded with popular chocolates, a Hammond’s Gourmet Hand-Pulled Lollipop, and a decadent Hammond’s Gourmet Chocolate Bar – all “stuffed” into our hand woven Cornucopia embellished with lovely fall silk florals.  It’s a horn of plenty – of cuddly sweets!