Graveyard Ghoul Gala

Halloween, Wednesday October 31st

Graveyard Ghoul Gala

One Halloween night Morty the bear visited the bear graveyard.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch was the sole sound in the quiet graveyard when Morty tip toed from one grave to the next.  He read every headstone aloud for no one to hear…

“Here lies Bertie Bear.  By the time he died he had no hair.”  Morty read.

“Bronson Bear lies down under, the last thing he heard was a clap of thunder.”

“Poor ol’ Lady Bear Bea, she fell to her death from a pine tree.”  Morty whispered and gasped.

Little did Morty know, he was not alone.  Three ghouls snuck up behind him, and tapped his furry shoulder…

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“Yikes!”  Cried Morty.  He was so frightened he could only stand, shake and stare at the ghostly ghouls.  All three ghouls were bears, but they were clearly dead.

“Hi, I’m Bertie.”  The first ghoul was a bear with no hair.  He wore an old dusty top hat, and white gloves with several missing fingers. Though his eyes were missing, somehow he could see Morty when he grabbed one of Morty’s paws for a bubbly handshake.

“Hey dude, I’m Bronson.”  The second ghoul was a black bear.  His fur was wild and wiry and stood up on end in all directions.  He wore a groovy rainbow headband and sparkly sunglasses, and he held a purple electric guitar.

“Good evening, I’m Bea.”  The third ghoul was a bear skeleton.  She wore a floppy straw hat with a big band of yellow daisies, and she licked honey from a bee hive she held with her boney paw.  She was partially covered in layers of grey linen cloth, to cover her boney body.

“Would you like to join our Graveyard Ghoul Gala?”  Invited Bea.

“Wa wa what’s that?”  Morty squeaked, still shaking.

“It’s the grooviest party of the year, dude!”  Exclaimed Bronson.  “Every Halloween we ghouls rise from our graves and rock and roll all night long.  There’s music, dancing and plenty of honey.”

“Yea, you only need to be dead to attend!”  Bertie blurted.

“But I’m n-n-n-not dead.”  Morty whimpered.

The three bear ghouls looked timidly at each other, then looked back at Morty.  They all seemed to be thinking the same thing.  Bea removed her grey linen cloths, and offered them to Morty.  “Here you go dear.  Just wrap these linen cloths around your body and you’ll look dead like us.”

“And you might want to limp and groan a little, dude.  Just to be safe.”  Bronson added.

Suddenly Morty heard music in the distance.  It definitely sounded like a party.  Should I join these ghostly ghouls?  Is it safe?  Are they going to eat me?  Dozens of questions danced around in Morty’s head.

While Morty stood and pondered, Bertie grabbed the linen cloths and wrapped them around Morty’s head.  “There, ya see?  Good as dead.”

Suddenly Morty’s feet were not touching the ground.  Dozens of headstones floated and swirled around him in a spinning circle, and the damp night breeze blew through his fur.  He closed his eyes, and all he could hear was the song, Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo.  “It’s a dead man’s party, who could ask for more?  Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the door.  Leave your body and soul at the door.”

When Morty opened his eyes he was in the middle of a grand gala.  He stood on a dance floor made from all the headstones in the graveyard.  Dozens of bear ghouls danced around him.  The music was blaring, “Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive…”  Bronson was strumming his purple electric guitar with the band, and the entire area was dimly lit with bee hive lanterns.  Occasionally a bear ghoul held a cup under a bee hive to catch dripping honey.

Before he could help himself, Morty began to dance.

Soon Morty was joined by his new bear ghoul friends, Bertie and Bea.  As promised they rocked and rolled the night away, and drank honey to their heart’s content.  “This is the most fun I’ve ever had!”  Morty exclaimed.  “And it beats the heck out of trick-or-treating!”

But when midnight struck, every single bear ghoul returned to his grave.  The music stopped, the bee hives disappeared, and the dance floor made of headstones was gone.

Morty stood in the middle of the graveyard, bewildered.  He was back where he started, in front of Bertie’s, Bronson’s and Bea’s headstones.  Was the Graveyard Ghoul Gala just a dream?  He thought.  Then he noticed a new headstone.

Again, Morty read aloud for no one to hear…

“Here lies Morty, he did not know he was dead.  ‘Til we wrapped grey linens around his head.  Now he joins our gala each Halloween night.  Dressed up as a mummy, he’s a scary sight!”

As Morty floated into his grave along with all the other bear ghouls, he heard Bertie, Bronson and Bea chant cheerfully together, “Happy Halloween, Morty the Mummy!”

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Bobby Boo’s “Spooky Suit”

Bobby was afraid of ghosts.  And for very good reason…

After Bobby went to bed each night, dozens of ghosts came out to play.  They danced around his bed.  They played with his toys.  They sang ghostly songs.  While Bobby hid under his covers and shook with fear, the rowdy ghosts chanted, “Bobby is a Scaredy Bear!”

One frightful night Frankenstein joined the party. But Frankenstein was kind. “Come out from under your covers, my furry friend. Never mind those goofy ghosts. They cannot harm you, for they are made of mist.”

Bobby peeked out from under his covers. “That’s easy for you to s-s-s-say,” he stuttered and squeaked. “You’re a m-m-m-monster. What have you to fear?”

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“I fear plenty.” Frankenstein answered. “I fear doors that are too small. I fear rugs I may trip over.”

“Those are silly things to fear.” Bobby said, still holding the covers just below his eyes.

“Exactly.” Frankenstein tapped Bobby’s forehead with his finger. “Fear is only in our heads. But so is courage.”

Meanwhile the ghosts still danced and sang in the background, “Scaredy Bear! Scaredy Bear!”

“I would like to know courage.” Bobby confessed as he watched the partying ghosts.

Frankenstein pulled a small suit from his pocket. “Try this on. I believe it’s just your size.”

“What is it?” Bobby asked.

“It’s a Spooky Suit, of course. Put it on, and you shall have courage.” Frankenstein leaned closer to Bobby and whispered in his fluffy ear, “And best of all, you will be able to scare off those pesky ghosts.”

So Bobby tossed off his covers and donned the suit. The shirt was black with white “super stripes” on the arms, and a big ghost patch on the chest. The pants were velvety soft terry cloth. But the mask was the best part, because it made him feel like a monster.

“BOO!” Bobby blurted.

The ghosts flew from Bobby’s room so fast they looked like streaks of lightning. Frankenstein cheered, “Hooray for Bobby Boo!”

Bobby stood atop his bed with his furry paws on his hips. “Thank you Frankenstein! This awesome suit has given me courage!”

“Quite the contrary, my furry friend.” Frankenstein replied. “Your courage was found before you put on the suit.”

Now Frankenstein and Bobby spend every Halloween night hunting ghosts, for the good of all mankind. Thanks to Bobby’s magical “Spooky Suit” and his clumsy kind friend Frankenstein, Bobby is no longer a “Scaredy Bear”. He is Bobby Boo!

©2017 Bonbon Bears

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Sweet October

Halloween, Tuesday October 31st * National Boss’s Day, Monday October 16th * Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2017

Eeeek!  There are so many happenings in October, it’s scary!  October is the perfect time to cuddle up to your “Beary Favorite Boss” on Boss’s Day, celebrate sweet survival for Breast Cancer Awareness month, or do like “Bobby Boo” and hang out with Frankenstein for Halloween!  At Bonbon Bears we have it covered!

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Celebrate sweet survival during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2017.  We love the American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF), who provides education, access and financial assistance to aid in the early detection, treatment, and survival of breast cancer for underserved and uninsured individuals, regardless of age or gender.  If you know someone who has battled/survived breast cancer, remember them with our Pink Pizzazz Sock Monkey Breast Cancer Awareness Candy Bouquet.  2.5% of our profits from this bouquet are donated to the ABCF!

And last but not least, (not to mention the very last day of October), it’s time to dress up like a monster and eat too much candy on Halloween, Tuesday October 31st.  We can thank the ancient Celts for this time honored tradition, which is thought to have originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.  Plus ancient Irish, British and Scottish festivals that included apple bobbing, and “mumming” and “guising”, where people went house to house in costume reciting verses or songs in exchange for treats.  When youths in Scotland performed this ritual, they threatened to do mischief if they were not welcomed.  Sound familiar?  Today we call this trick-or-treating!  Our customs today are also thought to have been influenced by Christian dogma, since Halloween is the evening before the Christian holy days of “All Hallows’ Day” on November 1st, and “All Souls Day” on November 2nd, thus giving October 31st the full name of “All Hallows’ Eve”.

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