Christmas Is a Bear!


Christmas, Monday December 25th

It was Christmas Eve in the forest, and not a sound could be heard.  Not a single owl was hooting, not a cicada was chirping, and not a sole wolf was howling.  All the creatures knew, they had to be asleep before Santa Bear would come.

“Christmas is a bear this year.”  Santa Bear fretted.  “The ‘good list’ is much too long.  How will I ever reach all the baby animals in time?”

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“You say that every year.”  Mrs. Bear Claus laughed.  “You will find a way.  You always do.”

Santa Bear hopped into his sleigh and shouted, “On Bonnet, on Brumby, on Boomer and Bossy!  On Blueberry, on Bernadette, on Brawler and Benny!”

Mrs. Bear Claus waved good bye, as Santa Bear blasted into the star filled sky in his Santa Bear Sleigh, pulled by 8 burly flying bears.

“First stop, the Teddy bear den!”  Santa Bear ordered his airborne team.  They soared like eagles over the treetops.  The giant sleigh cast shadows on the fresh fallen snow, which glistened on the ground in the moonlight.

As they landed on the Teddys’ rooftop, they made not a sound.  Santa shouldered his gift bag, hopped to the chimney top, then disappeared down the chimney with a “poof”.

As Santa Bear crawled into the den from the fireplace, he was caught.  “Santa Bear!”  Theodore the bear cub exclaimed while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Shhhh little one.  Go back to bed, or your gifts will not come.”  Santa Bear warned.

“Can I pleeeeeease come with you Santa?  I can help you.  Pleeeeeease?”  Theodore pleaded.

Santa Bear scratched his fluffy beard and pondered. He knew he must give in, to quiet the noisy cub.  “Ok Theodore Teddy, just this once.  But make haste, I have a tight schedule.”  So up the chimney they went.

As Santa Bear and Theodore boarded the sleigh, Santa ordered, “Next stop, the Wiley wolf pack!”  The flying bear team roared, and burst into the sky.  Theodore cheered, “Weeee!”

As they landed on the Wileys’ rooftop, Theodore packed Santa’s gift bag.  “Here ya go, Santa.”

“Why thank you Theodore.”  Santa was surprised.  “You saved prep time for me.”  Santa Bear patted Theodore on the head, then disappeared down the chimney.

When Santa Bear bounced back up the chimney, he had another cast away.  “Oh boy!”  Waylon the wolf pup barked.  “Look at this cool sleigh!  I can help you drive it.”

“Ok Waylon Wiley, just this once.  Now hurry up.”  Santa Bear sighed.  As Santa and Waylon joined Theodore in the sleigh, Santa ordered, “Next stop, the Osmond owl tree!”  All 8 bears roared again, and again they were flying high.

When the magical sleigh neared the Osmonds’ treetop, Waylon yelped to the flying bears, “A little to the left!”

“Thank you Waylon.  You are much quicker with directions than I will ever be.”  Santa patted the pup on his head.

And again, Santa Bear disappeared – this time, through a tree hole.  And when he came back up, he had yet another cast away.  “Hoooo-ray!”  Hooted Olivia the baby owlet.

“Just this once, Olivia Osmond.  What have I gotten myself into?”  Santa Bear fretted.

“I can help fly the sleigh.”  Olivia flapped her wings so hard they sounded like airplane engines.  The 8 flying bears could barely keep up.

“Wow, thank you Olivia!”  Santa Bear was delighted.  “Now we will make double time on our deliveries.”

So Santa Bear, Theodore the bear cub, Waylon the wolf pup, and Olivia the owlet blasted into the sky aboard Santa Bear’s Sleigh pulled by 8 burly flying bears, and 1 baby owl.

By the time Santa Bear reached his final delivery, his sleigh was filled with more baby animal “helpers” than gifts.  And to his great delight, he had time to spare.

“Thank you, my furry little forest friends.”  Santa Bear announced to the baby animals.  “Thanks to your help, Christmas is a beary big success.  Even Santa Bear needs a little help sometimes.”

Santa Bear waved his giant bear paw and wiggled his furry ears and chanted,

“To all who helped me this special night, I’m grateful as can be.

Now go to sleep, and when you wake you’ll find gifts beneath your tree.”

Like magic, all the baby forest animals were back in their cozy beds.  As if the journey had never happened.  Waylon cuddled with his litter mates.  Olivia curled up in her nest of twigs and feathers.

Theodore Teddy was back in his warm den.  He nestled close to his mom and gazed at his heavenly Christmas tree.  He closed his eyes, for he knew he had to be asleep before Santa Bear would come.  In his dreams he was flying on a magical sleigh among the stars, in the nighttime forest sky.

©2017 Bonbon Bears

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