Papa Bear’s Pimentos

    “Beary Best Dad” Bearington Bears

One sunny morning Papa Bear sat in his reclining chair, eating green olives.  “Slurp, crunch.  Slurp, crunch.  Slurp, crunch.”

“What are you eating, Papa?”  Baby Padgett Bear asked.

“Green olives.”  Papa Bear answered between slurps and crunches.

“Oh.”  Baby Padgett Bear said.  “Why are they so noisy to eat?”

“What did you say, Son?”  Papa Bear could barely hear Padgett over his slurps and crunches.

“I said,” Baby Padgett Bear shouted, “why are they so noisy to eat?”

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“Oh sorry.”  Papa Bear wiped his mouth with his furry paw.  “You see son, there’s only one way to eat an olive.  Let me show you.”  Papa Bear plucked an olive from his olive jar.  “First you suck out the little red pimento.”  Slurp.  “Then you chomp the yummy green olive.”  Crunch.  “Here you go.”  Papa Bear handed his jar of olives to Padgett.  “Now you try.”

Baby Padgett Bear grabbed the jar, plucked out an olive and started to slurp.  “Wait a minute, Papa.”   Padgett paused.  He studied the little red strip in the center of the olive.  “Where does this little red pimento come from?”

“They come from…”  Yawn.  “They come from…”  Yawn.  Snore, snore, snore.  Papa Bear was so sleepy after his olive snack, he fell asleep in his reclining chair.

“Hmmmf.  I guess I’ll have to figure this out on my own.”   Padgett said to his sleeping Papa Bear.

Baby Padgett Bear tucked the olive jar under his arm.  Then he skittered out of his den, and into the dense green forest.  When he sniffed the morning air it smelled like berries and pine sap.

Padgett’s feet crunched on pine cones, as he followed his familiar path through the forest.  The morning sun peeked through the towering pine trees, casting streaks of sunlight upon his path.  When he came upon Waylon the woodpecker, he stopped.

“Peck, peck, peck.  Peck, peck, peck.”  Waylon pecked at a small hole in the pine tree trunk, looking for worms.  “Hey there, Padgett.”  Waylon tweeted between pecks.  “Why are you out so early this morning?”

“I’m on a quest.”  Padgett said.

“A quest for what?”  Waylon asked.

“To figure out where pimentos come from.”  Padgett plucked an olive from the olive jar, and showed the olive to Waylon.  But before Padgett could say another word…

Slurp.  Waylon slurped the pimento from the olive.  “Oh that’s easy.”  Gulp.  Waylon swallowed.  “It’s a little red worm.”  Then Waylon returned to his busy pecking.  “Peck, peck, peck.  See ya Padgett.”

But Baby Padgett Bear was not satisfied.  So he dawdled down his path a little more.  When he reached the creek he found Baskin the beaver, working on his dam.  “Hey kid.”  Baskin dropped a bundle of twigs from his long front teeth.

“Hi Baskin.”  Padgett plucked another olive from the olive jar, and showed it to Baskin.  “Can you tell me where this little red pimento comes from?”  Then it happened again…

Slurp.  “Thanks kid.”  Baskin slurped the pimento from the olive, then he spit the pimento out, on top of his twigs.  “That’s easy.  It’s glue to stick my twigs together.  Can I have a few more?”

“Well, I guess.”  Padgett grumbled.  He poured a pile of olives next to Baskin’s dam.  “See ya Baskin.”

“Thanks kid.”  Baskin returned to his work on the dam, slurping and spitting and gluing twigs together with little red pimentos.

Baby Padgett Bear followed his path just a little farther, until he hit a dead end at Riley Rabbit’s house.  Riley was humming and working in his garden.

“Good mornin’ Padgett.”  Riley greeted.

“Hi Riley.”  Baby Padgett Bear plucked the last olive from the olive jar, and showed it to Riley.  “Can you tell me where this little red pimento comes from?”

Riley grabbed the olive, and instead of slurping the pimento from the olive he studied it very closely.  “I can show you where pimentos come from.”

Riley dropped the olive back into Padgett’s olive jar, and picked a small red pepper from one of the plants in his garden.  He handed the pepper to Padgett.  The pepper fit perfectly in the palm of Padgett’s hand.  “This is a cherry pepper.”  Riley explained.  “Pimentos are sliced cherry peppers.  I grow them in my garden every summer.”

Baby Padgett Bear gazed at the bright red cherry pepper.  It was the prettiest pepper he had ever seen.  And best of all, it was shaped like a heart.  “Can I have a few more?”  Asked Padgett.

“Sure.”  Riley picked a dozen cherry peppers from his pepper plant, and gave them to Padgett.  “You can pickle these peppers, or eat them in salad (my personal favorite), or even make pepper jelly jam.  But keep them hidden.  The pesky woodpeckers and beavers like to steal em’.”

“Thanks Riley.  I know just what to do with them.”

When Baby Padgett Bear returned home, he found Papa Bear still asleep on his reclining chair. “Wake up Papa.”  Padgett tugged at Papa Bear’s brown furry arm.

“Oh hi Son.”  Papa Bear rubbed sleep from his eyes.  “As I was saying, pimentos come from…”

“It’s OK Papa.  I know where pimentos come from.  And here’s a special one, just for you.”  Baby Padgett Bear opened his padded paw and gave the heart shaped cherry pepper to Papa Bear.

“Happy Father’s Day, Papa Bear.”  Baby Padgett Bear exclaimed.  “I love you with all my cherry pepper heart!”

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