On Your Way to Me

Mother’s Day, Sunday May 13th

On Your Way to Me

When Hala the baby horse woke, she had no mom.

But she was strong nonetheless.  She stood tall atop spindly wobbly legs dwarfed by knees and ankles.  She swished her short bushy tail and shook her head until her mane stood straight up.

“It’s OK.”  Hala said for no one to hear.  “Someday I will find my mom.  While I wait, I will learn how to walk.”  She sniffed the new air, blew out her nose, “Pfffffft!”  And she took her first steps…

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Meanwhile on the other side of the barn in the big open pasture, Dorothy grazed on lush green grass.  While the other mares played with their new foals, Dorothy was alone.

“It’s OK.”  Dorothy lied to the other mares.  “I don’t need a foal to make me happy.  As a matter of fact, I’m the lucky one.  I can run, eat and play without being burdened by a pesky little follower.  I am free.”

“Neigh, whatever you say.”  Said the big bay mare disbelievingly.  Then she gestured to her nursing foal.  “But if you ever get lonely, you can borrow my little one anytime.”

“Pfffffft.”  Was all Dorothy would reply.

After Hala mastered the art of walking, she paced in circles around her stall.  Soon a path was worn in the straw.  To Hala, most horses in the barn looked a lot like her, but a few stood on two legs and had hair only on their heads.  Though they looked strange, the two legged horses were kind.  They fed her milk from a bottle every day, which was good enough.  For now.

Each afternoon Dorothy took a nap under the old oak tree.  She slept standing up, with three legs locked at the ankles and resting one back leg at a time.  While she napped she secretly dreamed about running in the pasture with the foal she had lost.  The foal was the color of sweet cream butter, with a fuzzy mane and tail that was as white as cotton.

Meanwhile Hala’s strength was beginning to wane.  When it was time for Hala to learn how to run, somehow she could not.  “When I find my mom I will run.”  She told herself.  “But I’m feeling a little tired.  So today I will just stand.  And wait.”

Dorothy was used to the two legged horses, and she let them guide her to a stall each night.  When the barn was quiet and all the other horses slept, Dorothy gazed at the moon.  She secretly imagined that her foal was there, grazing on moon grass and galloping to and fro, kicking up moon dust.

“I’m feeling extra tired today.”  Hala said to herself one morning.  “Perhaps I will lie down while I wait for my mom.”  And Hala stayed down for many days.  The two legged horses seemed worried, for they visited Hala more often and tried to help her stand.

One sunny day instead of her normal trek to the pasture, Dorothy was led to the other side of the barn.

“Neigh!  Neigh!”  Hollered the other mares.  “Where are you going?”  Asked the big bay mare.

“I don’t know.”  Answered Dorothy.  She walked cautiously with her ears perked forward.

The air smelled different on the other side of the barn.  Dorothy’s nostrils flared.  “I smell something strange, but familiar.”  She said as she stopped in front of Hala’s stall.

Dorothy peeked her head over the stall door.  “Nicker, nicker, nicker.”  Dorothy greeted Hala.

“Are you my momma?”  Hala whinnied with delight, and jumped to her feet.

Dorothy couldn’t believe her eyes.  Just like Dorothy’s lost foal, Hala’s mane and tail were as white as cotton.  But this foal’s coat was silver-grey with little white specs all over.  To Dorothy, Hala looked just like the moon and stars.  “Why yes, I am.”  Dorothy replied.

From that day forward Dorothy and Hala were inseparable.  While they spent their days together in the big green pasture, Hala finally learned how to run.

“Nicker, nicker,” the big bay mare laughed.  “I thought you didn’t want a foal.”

“Pfffffft.”  Was all Dorothy replied.

When Dorothy and Hala napped together under the old oak tree, Hala asked, “Why did it take so long to find you, Momma?”

“Because you are special.”  Dorothy nuzzled Hala.  “When you were born you did not belong to me.  So while I waited, you traveled to the moon.  There I gazed upon you each night while you were bathed in moon dust.”

“Oh!  That explains why I’m grey.”  Hala giggled.  “But how did I get these white spots?”

“Because on your way to me, you were sprinkled by the stars.”


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