Graveyard Ghoul Gala

Halloween, Wednesday October 31st

Graveyard Ghoul Gala

One Halloween night Morty the bear visited the bear graveyard.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch was the sole sound in the quiet graveyard when Morty tip toed from one grave to the next.  He read every headstone aloud for no one to hear…

“Here lies Bertie Bear.  By the time he died he had no hair.”  Morty read.

“Bronson Bear lies down under, the last thing he heard was a clap of thunder.”

“Poor ol’ Lady Bear Bea, she fell to her death from a pine tree.”  Morty whispered and gasped.

Little did Morty know, he was not alone.  Three ghouls snuck up behind him, and tapped his furry shoulder…

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“Yikes!”  Cried Morty.  He was so frightened he could only stand, shake and stare at the ghostly ghouls.  All three ghouls were bears, but they were clearly dead.

“Hi, I’m Bertie.”  The first ghoul was a bear with no hair.  He wore an old dusty top hat, and white gloves with several missing fingers. Though his eyes were missing, somehow he could see Morty when he grabbed one of Morty’s paws for a bubbly handshake.

“Hey dude, I’m Bronson.”  The second ghoul was a black bear.  His fur was wild and wiry and stood up on end in all directions.  He wore a groovy rainbow headband and sparkly sunglasses, and he held a purple electric guitar.

“Good evening, I’m Bea.”  The third ghoul was a bear skeleton.  She wore a floppy straw hat with a big band of yellow daisies, and she licked honey from a bee hive she held with her boney paw.  She was partially covered in layers of grey linen cloth, to cover her boney body.

“Would you like to join our Graveyard Ghoul Gala?”  Invited Bea.

“Wa wa what’s that?”  Morty squeaked, still shaking.

“It’s the grooviest party of the year, dude!”  Exclaimed Bronson.  “Every Halloween we ghouls rise from our graves and rock and roll all night long.  There’s music, dancing and plenty of honey.”

“Yea, you only need to be dead to attend!”  Bertie blurted.

“But I’m n-n-n-not dead.”  Morty whimpered.

The three bear ghouls looked timidly at each other, then looked back at Morty.  They all seemed to be thinking the same thing.  Bea removed her grey linen cloths, and offered them to Morty.  “Here you go dear.  Just wrap these linen cloths around your body and you’ll look dead like us.”

“And you might want to limp and groan a little, dude.  Just to be safe.”  Bronson added.

Suddenly Morty heard music in the distance.  It definitely sounded like a party.  Should I join these ghostly ghouls?  Is it safe?  Are they going to eat me?  Dozens of questions danced around in Morty’s head.

While Morty stood and pondered, Bertie grabbed the linen cloths and wrapped them around Morty’s head.  “There, ya see?  Good as dead.”

Suddenly Morty’s feet were not touching the ground.  Dozens of headstones floated and swirled around him in a spinning circle, and the damp night breeze blew through his fur.  He closed his eyes, and all he could hear was the song, Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo.  “It’s a dead man’s party, who could ask for more?  Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the door.  Leave your body and soul at the door.”

When Morty opened his eyes he was in the middle of a grand gala.  He stood on a dance floor made from all the headstones in the graveyard.  Dozens of bear ghouls danced around him.  The music was blaring, “Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive…”  Bronson was strumming his purple electric guitar with the band, and the entire area was dimly lit with bee hive lanterns.  Occasionally a bear ghoul held a cup under a bee hive to catch dripping honey.

Before he could help himself, Morty began to dance.

Soon Morty was joined by his new bear ghoul friends, Bertie and Bea.  As promised they rocked and rolled the night away, and drank honey to their heart’s content.  “This is the most fun I’ve ever had!”  Morty exclaimed.  “And it beats the heck out of trick-or-treating!”

But when midnight struck, every single bear ghoul returned to his grave.  The music stopped, the bee hives disappeared, and the dance floor made of headstones was gone.

Morty stood in the middle of the graveyard, bewildered.  He was back where he started, in front of Bertie’s, Bronson’s and Bea’s headstones.  Was the Graveyard Ghoul Gala just a dream?  He thought.  Then he noticed a new headstone.

Again, Morty read aloud for no one to hear…

“Here lies Morty, he did not know he was dead.  ‘Til we wrapped grey linens around his head.  Now he joins our gala each Halloween night.  Dressed up as a mummy, he’s a scary sight!”

As Morty floated into his grave along with all the other bear ghouls, he heard Bertie, Bronson and Bea chant cheerfully together, “Happy Halloween, Morty the Mummy!”

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Papa Bear’s Pimentos

    “Beary Best Dad” Bearington Bears

One sunny morning Papa Bear sat in his reclining chair, eating green olives.  “Slurp, crunch.  Slurp, crunch.  Slurp, crunch.”

“What are you eating, Papa?”  Baby Padgett Bear asked.

“Green olives.”  Papa Bear answered between slurps and crunches.

“Oh.”  Baby Padgett Bear said.  “Why are they so noisy to eat?”

“What did you say, Son?”  Papa Bear could barely hear Padgett over his slurps and crunches.

“I said,” Baby Padgett Bear shouted, “why are they so noisy to eat?”

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“Oh sorry.”  Papa Bear wiped his mouth with his furry paw.  “You see son, there’s only one way to eat an olive.  Let me show you.”  Papa Bear plucked an olive from his olive jar.  “First you suck out the little red pimento.”  Slurp.  “Then you chomp the yummy green olive.”  Crunch.  “Here you go.”  Papa Bear handed his jar of olives to Padgett.  “Now you try.”

Baby Padgett Bear grabbed the jar, plucked out an olive and started to slurp.  “Wait a minute, Papa.”   Padgett paused.  He studied the little red strip in the center of the olive.  “Where does this little red pimento come from?”

“They come from…”  Yawn.  “They come from…”  Yawn.  Snore, snore, snore.  Papa Bear was so sleepy after his olive snack, he fell asleep in his reclining chair.

“Hmmmf.  I guess I’ll have to figure this out on my own.”   Padgett said to his sleeping Papa Bear.

Baby Padgett Bear tucked the olive jar under his arm.  Then he skittered out of his den, and into the dense green forest.  When he sniffed the morning air it smelled like berries and pine sap.

Padgett’s feet crunched on pine cones, as he followed his familiar path through the forest.  The morning sun peeked through the towering pine trees, casting streaks of sunlight upon his path.  When he came upon Waylon the woodpecker, he stopped.

“Peck, peck, peck.  Peck, peck, peck.”  Waylon pecked at a small hole in the pine tree trunk, looking for worms.  “Hey there, Padgett.”  Waylon tweeted between pecks.  “Why are you out so early this morning?”

“I’m on a quest.”  Padgett said.

“A quest for what?”  Waylon asked.

“To figure out where pimentos come from.”  Padgett plucked an olive from the olive jar, and showed the olive to Waylon.  But before Padgett could say another word…

Slurp.  Waylon slurped the pimento from the olive.  “Oh that’s easy.”  Gulp.  Waylon swallowed.  “It’s a little red worm.”  Then Waylon returned to his busy pecking.  “Peck, peck, peck.  See ya Padgett.”

But Baby Padgett Bear was not satisfied.  So he dawdled down his path a little more.  When he reached the creek he found Baskin the beaver, working on his dam.  “Hey kid.”  Baskin dropped a bundle of twigs from his long front teeth.

“Hi Baskin.”  Padgett plucked another olive from the olive jar, and showed it to Baskin.  “Can you tell me where this little red pimento comes from?”  Then it happened again…

Slurp.  “Thanks kid.”  Baskin slurped the pimento from the olive, then he spit the pimento out, on top of his twigs.  “That’s easy.  It’s glue to stick my twigs together.  Can I have a few more?”

“Well, I guess.”  Padgett grumbled.  He poured a pile of olives next to Baskin’s dam.  “See ya Baskin.”

“Thanks kid.”  Baskin returned to his work on the dam, slurping and spitting and gluing twigs together with little red pimentos.

Baby Padgett Bear followed his path just a little farther, until he hit a dead end at Riley Rabbit’s house.  Riley was humming and working in his garden.

“Good mornin’ Padgett.”  Riley greeted.

“Hi Riley.”  Baby Padgett Bear plucked the last olive from the olive jar, and showed it to Riley.  “Can you tell me where this little red pimento comes from?”

Riley grabbed the olive, and instead of slurping the pimento from the olive he studied it very closely.  “I can show you where pimentos come from.”

Riley dropped the olive back into Padgett’s olive jar, and picked a small red pepper from one of the plants in his garden.  He handed the pepper to Padgett.  The pepper fit perfectly in the palm of Padgett’s hand.  “This is a cherry pepper.”  Riley explained.  “Pimentos are sliced cherry peppers.  I grow them in my garden every summer.”

Baby Padgett Bear gazed at the bright red cherry pepper.  It was the prettiest pepper he had ever seen.  And best of all, it was shaped like a heart.  “Can I have a few more?”  Asked Padgett.

“Sure.”  Riley picked a dozen cherry peppers from his pepper plant, and gave them to Padgett.  “You can pickle these peppers, or eat them in salad (my personal favorite), or even make pepper jelly jam.  But keep them hidden.  The pesky woodpeckers and beavers like to steal em’.”

“Thanks Riley.  I know just what to do with them.”

When Baby Padgett Bear returned home, he found Papa Bear still asleep on his reclining chair. “Wake up Papa.”  Padgett tugged at Papa Bear’s brown furry arm.

“Oh hi Son.”  Papa Bear rubbed sleep from his eyes.  “As I was saying, pimentos come from…”

“It’s OK Papa.  I know where pimentos come from.  And here’s a special one, just for you.”  Baby Padgett Bear opened his padded paw and gave the heart shaped cherry pepper to Papa Bear.

“Happy Father’s Day, Papa Bear.”  Baby Padgett Bear exclaimed.  “I love you with all my cherry pepper heart!”

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On Your Way to Me

Mother’s Day, Sunday May 13th

On Your Way to Me

When Hala the baby horse woke, she had no mom.

But she was strong nonetheless.  She stood tall atop spindly wobbly legs dwarfed by knees and ankles.  She swished her short bushy tail and shook her head until her mane stood straight up.

“It’s OK.”  Hala said for no one to hear.  “Someday I will find my mom.  While I wait, I will learn how to walk.”  She sniffed the new air, blew out her nose, “Pfffffft!”  And she took her first steps…

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Meanwhile on the other side of the barn in the big open pasture, Dorothy grazed on lush green grass.  While the other mares played with their new foals, Dorothy was alone.

“It’s OK.”  Dorothy lied to the other mares.  “I don’t need a foal to make me happy.  As a matter of fact, I’m the lucky one.  I can run, eat and play without being burdened by a pesky little follower.  I am free.”

“Neigh, whatever you say.”  Said the big bay mare disbelievingly.  Then she gestured to her nursing foal.  “But if you ever get lonely, you can borrow my little one anytime.”

“Pfffffft.”  Was all Dorothy would reply.

After Hala mastered the art of walking, she paced in circles around her stall.  Soon a path was worn in the straw.  To Hala, most horses in the barn looked a lot like her, but a few stood on two legs and had hair only on their heads.  Though they looked strange, the two legged horses were kind.  They fed her milk from a bottle every day, which was good enough.  For now.

Each afternoon Dorothy took a nap under the old oak tree.  She slept standing up, with three legs locked at the ankles and resting one back leg at a time.  While she napped she secretly dreamed about running in the pasture with the foal she had lost.  The foal was the color of sweet cream butter, with a fuzzy mane and tail that was as white as cotton.

Meanwhile Hala’s strength was beginning to wane.  When it was time for Hala to learn how to run, somehow she could not.  “When I find my mom I will run.”  She told herself.  “But I’m feeling a little tired.  So today I will just stand.  And wait.”

Dorothy was used to the two legged horses, and she let them guide her to a stall each night.  When the barn was quiet and all the other horses slept, Dorothy gazed at the moon.  She secretly imagined that her foal was there, grazing on moon grass and galloping to and fro, kicking up moon dust.

“I’m feeling extra tired today.”  Hala said to herself one morning.  “Perhaps I will lie down while I wait for my mom.”  And Hala stayed down for many days.  The two legged horses seemed worried, for they visited Hala more often and tried to help her stand.

One sunny day instead of her normal trek to the pasture, Dorothy was led to the other side of the barn.

“Neigh!  Neigh!”  Hollered the other mares.  “Where are you going?”  Asked the big bay mare.

“I don’t know.”  Answered Dorothy.  She walked cautiously with her ears perked forward.

The air smelled different on the other side of the barn.  Dorothy’s nostrils flared.  “I smell something strange, but familiar.”  She said as she stopped in front of Hala’s stall.

Dorothy peeked her head over the stall door.  “Nicker, nicker, nicker.”  Dorothy greeted Hala.

“Are you my momma?”  Hala whinnied with delight, and jumped to her feet.

Dorothy couldn’t believe her eyes.  Just like Dorothy’s lost foal, Hala’s mane and tail were as white as cotton.  But this foal’s coat was silver-grey with little white specs all over.  To Dorothy, Hala looked just like the moon and stars.  “Why yes, I am.”  Dorothy replied.

From that day forward Dorothy and Hala were inseparable.  While they spent their days together in the big green pasture, Hala finally learned how to run.

“Nicker, nicker,” the big bay mare laughed.  “I thought you didn’t want a foal.”

“Pfffffft.”  Was all Dorothy replied.

When Dorothy and Hala napped together under the old oak tree, Hala asked, “Why did it take so long to find you, Momma?”

“Because you are special.”  Dorothy nuzzled Hala.  “When you were born you did not belong to me.  So while I waited, you traveled to the moon.  There I gazed upon you each night while you were bathed in moon dust.”

“Oh!  That explains why I’m grey.”  Hala giggled.  “But how did I get these white spots?”

“Because on your way to me, you were sprinkled by the stars.”


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Coco and Nugget and the Slice of Rainbow

Easter, Sunday April 1st

Cocoa and Nugget and the Slice of Rainbow

“Psst!”  Nugget the yellow baby chick said in a whisper shout.  “Here Coco, here’s another egg.”

Coco the brown baby bunny grabbed the chicken egg.  “Cool!  I’ll go hide it!”

Coco scampered off into the flower filled meadow, and hid the egg behind a bush.

Coco and Nugget were the best of friends.  They played together, ate together, and even napped together.  But most of all, they loved to cause trouble…

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So when spring arrived with its warm sunny days and blossoming flowers, the two troublemakers played their favorite game.  Each morning while the chickens slept in the hen house, Nugget stole all of their freshly laid eggs, and Coco hid them in the meadow.

The game was invented by Nugget.  The first time Nugget handed a stolen egg to Coco, Coco asked, “Why are we hiding these eggs?”

“To stir up the chickens, of course.”  Nugget simply replied.

Spring was in full swing, and Coco had just hidden their last egg.  “All done.  Time to party!”  Coco thumped his long back feet and bounced in circles.

Nugget chirped and giggled.  “High five.”  Nugget lifted his cottony yellow wing, and slapped Coco’s chocolatey brown fuzzy paw.

“SQUAWK! CLUCK, CLUCK SQUAWK!”  Screamed the chickens.

“Let’s get outta here!”  Nugget squeaked.  Nugget and Coco darted for Coco’s rabbit hole, where they hid each day to watch the hen house mayhem they had caused.  While they secretly watched and giggled, the chickens ran in circles looking for their lost eggs, squawking, quacking, clucking and fretting.  Feathers flew and tempers flared.

But the game had one big problem.  The chickens always fluttered to the meadow and found the eggs.  “We need to find a better way to hide the eggs.”  Nugget sighed.

Coco wiggled his nose and thought.  “I have an idea.  Let’s paint the eggs to match the meadow flowers.  Then those goofy chickens will never find them.”

“Awesome idea, Coco.”  Nugget chirped with excitement.  “But where will we get the paint?”

“I know just the place.  Follow me.”  Coco sprang from the rabbit hole, and Nugget hippity, hopped right after him.

They marched through the meadow.  They breezed through the bushes.  They fluttered through the fields.  No adventure was too big for their young hearts.

Finally they arrived at a rainbow.  Its vibrant, magical colors glowed in brilliant yellow, pastel green, violet purple and hot pink.   At the bottom of the rainbow sat a tree stump.  A magical butter knife was stuck on top, as if someone speared it into the stump.

“Whoa, this is amazing!”  Nugget gasped.  “I’ve seen plenty of rainbows, but never up close.”  His eyes were as big as saucers.

“Yep, my mom brings me here when I’m sad, when I get hurt, or whenever I need cheering up.  But we have to wait our turn…”  Coco warned.  They got in line behind the singing girl in the blue and white dress, the leprechaun, and the unicorn.  “These guys are regulars.”

When Coco and Nugget could finally touch the rainbow, Coco carved a slice out of the rainbow with the magical butter knife.  “Here we are.  This will be just enough to paint a dozen eggs.”

The next morning Nugget stole exactly one dozen eggs, and snuck them into Coco’s rabbit hole.  Coco grabbed a leathery leaf from an old oak tree, which they used as a paint brush.  Together they painted the eggs with the dazzling colors from the rainbow slice.  Coco was right.  It was just enough.

Nugget watched while Coco hid the rainbow colored eggs in the meadow.  Coco nestled the eggs amid the colorful spring flowers.  “Voila!”  Coco exclaimed and snickered.  “Now the eggs match the flowers.  Those dim witted chickens will never find them.”

The chickens squawked and clucked and fluttered and screamed as they always did after waking to find all their eggs missing, but this time they could not find a single egg.

Coco and Nugget watched again in secret from Coco’s rabbit hole.  They laughed until they cried.  “That was the best.”  Coco crooned while wiping wild tears from his eyes.  But suddenly Nugget was silent.  “What’s the matter?”  Coco asked.

“Look.”  Nugget marveled.  Once again, his eyes were as big as saucers.

Coco followed Nugget’s gaze, out into the meadow.  Amid the spring flowers was a dozen tiny, yellow, fuzzy baby chicks.  “Now what?”  Coco asked.


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This Valentine’s Day, Hugh Loves You!

Valentine’s Day, Wednesday February 14th

“Who Loves You?”

After finishing a balmy bath in her herd’s favorite hot spring, Elsa the Elephant rested her trunk and stood tall in the warm winter sun.

“Valentine’s Day delivery!”  Squawked Telly the Toucan, and he landed on Elsa’s back.

“For me?”  Elsa blushed.  She playfully plucked the valentine card from Telly’s beak with her trunk.  “I wonder who it’s from.”  Elsa pretended to be surprised, though she had anxiously awaited this moment all day.

Elsa scurried to the nearest canopy tree and squatted in the sand.  She held the valentine in the tip of her trunk, and read aloud…

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“Elsa, who loves you?”

Elsa giggled and read on.

“Could it be the rocks that pave the trail on which you journey through the jungle each day?”

“Or maybe the wayward birds who hitch a ride on your back like passengers on a city bus?”

Elsa giggled some more.

“Or surely the baby elephants you have raised, who have grown to be brave, strong and bold just like you?”

“Might it be the stars in the night sky, who together have aligned to bring you happiness this Valentine’s Day?”

Elsa smiled and swooned, then read some more.

“Elsa, is it possible that you are loved by everything on earth, by everything in the sky, and by everything in between?”

Elsa paused when a cool winter breezed rustled the canopy tree’s leaves.

Suddenly everything turned grey.  But it was a lovely grey, like the color of a joyful elephant.  Elsa closed her eyes.  She felt weightless.  Like she had been lifted into the sky.  When she opened her eyes, everything she loved floated across her vision like a movie.  Her life’s journey, her wayward friends, her family, and finally her valentine – the promise of being loved back.

“Or perhaps the answer is quite simple.  Perhaps the answer is just… me.”  Hugh the Elephant suddenly stood under the canopy tree, smiling with his trunk held high.

Elsa gasped.  Little heart shaped butterflies twirled around Elsa’s ears while she listened.

“So Elsa, will you be my valentine?”  Hugh recited the last sentence from his valentine to Elsa, for he knew it by heart.  “For if anyone ever asks, ‘Who loves you?’  The answer is Hugh.  Hugh, that’s who!”

“My dearest Hugh, you have my heart!”  Elsa flopped her ears with joy.

Elsa wrapped her long trunk around Hugh’s.  They stood under the canopy tree for the rest of the day, embraced in a “Hugh”ge hug.  As their trunks tangled together, they formed the shape of an elephant sized heart.

©Copyright Bonbon Bears 2018

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Christmas Is a Bear!


Christmas, Monday December 25th

It was Christmas Eve in the forest, and not a sound could be heard.  Not a single owl was hooting, not a cicada was chirping, and not a sole wolf was howling.  All the creatures knew, they had to be asleep before Santa Bear would come.

“Christmas is a bear this year.”  Santa Bear fretted.  “The ‘good list’ is much too long.  How will I ever reach all the baby animals in time?”

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“You say that every year.”  Mrs. Bear Claus laughed.  “You will find a way.  You always do.”

Santa Bear hopped into his sleigh and shouted, “On Bonnet, on Brumby, on Boomer and Bossy!  On Blueberry, on Bernadette, on Brawler and Benny!”

Mrs. Bear Claus waved good bye, as Santa Bear blasted into the star filled sky in his Santa Bear Sleigh, pulled by 8 burly flying bears.

“First stop, the Teddy bear den!”  Santa Bear ordered his airborne team.  They soared like eagles over the treetops.  The giant sleigh cast shadows on the fresh fallen snow, which glistened on the ground in the moonlight.

As they landed on the Teddys’ rooftop, they made not a sound.  Santa shouldered his gift bag, hopped to the chimney top, then disappeared down the chimney with a “poof”.

As Santa Bear crawled into the den from the fireplace, he was caught.  “Santa Bear!”  Theodore the bear cub exclaimed while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Shhhh little one.  Go back to bed, or your gifts will not come.”  Santa Bear warned.

“Can I pleeeeeease come with you Santa?  I can help you.  Pleeeeeease?”  Theodore pleaded.

Santa Bear scratched his fluffy beard and pondered. He knew he must give in, to quiet the noisy cub.  “Ok Theodore Teddy, just this once.  But make haste, I have a tight schedule.”  So up the chimney they went.

As Santa Bear and Theodore boarded the sleigh, Santa ordered, “Next stop, the Wiley wolf pack!”  The flying bear team roared, and burst into the sky.  Theodore cheered, “Weeee!”

As they landed on the Wileys’ rooftop, Theodore packed Santa’s gift bag.  “Here ya go, Santa.”

“Why thank you Theodore.”  Santa was surprised.  “You saved prep time for me.”  Santa Bear patted Theodore on the head, then disappeared down the chimney.

When Santa Bear bounced back up the chimney, he had another cast away.  “Oh boy!”  Waylon the wolf pup barked.  “Look at this cool sleigh!  I can help you drive it.”

“Ok Waylon Wiley, just this once.  Now hurry up.”  Santa Bear sighed.  As Santa and Waylon joined Theodore in the sleigh, Santa ordered, “Next stop, the Osmond owl tree!”  All 8 bears roared again, and again they were flying high.

When the magical sleigh neared the Osmonds’ treetop, Waylon yelped to the flying bears, “A little to the left!”

“Thank you Waylon.  You are much quicker with directions than I will ever be.”  Santa patted the pup on his head.

And again, Santa Bear disappeared – this time, through a tree hole.  And when he came back up, he had yet another cast away.  “Hoooo-ray!”  Hooted Olivia the baby owlet.

“Just this once, Olivia Osmond.  What have I gotten myself into?”  Santa Bear fretted.

“I can help fly the sleigh.”  Olivia flapped her wings so hard they sounded like airplane engines.  The 8 flying bears could barely keep up.

“Wow, thank you Olivia!”  Santa Bear was delighted.  “Now we will make double time on our deliveries.”

So Santa Bear, Theodore the bear cub, Waylon the wolf pup, and Olivia the owlet blasted into the sky aboard Santa Bear’s Sleigh pulled by 8 burly flying bears, and 1 baby owl.

By the time Santa Bear reached his final delivery, his sleigh was filled with more baby animal “helpers” than gifts.  And to his great delight, he had time to spare.

“Thank you, my furry little forest friends.”  Santa Bear announced to the baby animals.  “Thanks to your help, Christmas is a beary big success.  Even Santa Bear needs a little help sometimes.”

Santa Bear waved his giant bear paw and wiggled his furry ears and chanted,

“To all who helped me this special night, I’m grateful as can be.

Now go to sleep, and when you wake you’ll find gifts beneath your tree.”

Like magic, all the baby forest animals were back in their cozy beds.  As if the journey had never happened.  Waylon cuddled with his litter mates.  Olivia curled up in her nest of twigs and feathers.

Theodore Teddy was back in his warm den.  He nestled close to his mom and gazed at his heavenly Christmas tree.  He closed his eyes, for he knew he had to be asleep before Santa Bear would come.  In his dreams he was flying on a magical sleigh among the stars, in the nighttime forest sky.

©2017 Bonbon Bears

Christmas is definitely a bear at Bonbon Bears!  Give Santa Bear a hand and send your loved ones the “Beary” Best Christmas Gift, with one of our cuddly Christmas Candy Bear Bouquets!

“Santa and Claus” Bearington Bear “pair” in our big Hand Painted Candy Jar, perfect for “Candy Canes for Santa’s Elves”!

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A Thanksgiving Pumpkin Puzzle

  “Izzy A. Pumpkin” Bearington Bear

Izzy Wizzy iz a pumpkin
Izzy Wizzy iz a bear
If Izzy Wizzy iz a pumpkin
Izzy Wizzy izn’t a bear
Or izzy?

©2017 Bonbon Bears

So the question is, izzy a pumpkin, or izzy a bear? Let your loved ones decide when you send them our “fall-licious” Thanksgiving Candy Bear Bouquet. Featuring our Collectible pumpkin scented “Izzy A. Pumpkin” Hand Crafted Bear from the award winning Bearington Bear collection, and loaded with popular chocolates, a Hammond’s Gourmet Hand-Pulled Lollipop, and a decadent Hammond’s Gourmet Chocolate Bar – all “stuffed” into our hand woven Cornucopia embellished with lovely fall silk florals.  It’s a horn of plenty – of cuddly sweets!

Bobby Boo’s “Spooky Suit”

Bobby was afraid of ghosts.  And for very good reason…

After Bobby went to bed each night, dozens of ghosts came out to play.  They danced around his bed.  They played with his toys.  They sang ghostly songs.  While Bobby hid under his covers and shook with fear, the rowdy ghosts chanted, “Bobby is a Scaredy Bear!”

One frightful night Frankenstein joined the party. But Frankenstein was kind. “Come out from under your covers, my furry friend. Never mind those goofy ghosts. They cannot harm you, for they are made of mist.”

Bobby peeked out from under his covers. “That’s easy for you to s-s-s-say,” he stuttered and squeaked. “You’re a m-m-m-monster. What have you to fear?”

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“I fear plenty.” Frankenstein answered. “I fear doors that are too small. I fear rugs I may trip over.”

“Those are silly things to fear.” Bobby said, still holding the covers just below his eyes.

“Exactly.” Frankenstein tapped Bobby’s forehead with his finger. “Fear is only in our heads. But so is courage.”

Meanwhile the ghosts still danced and sang in the background, “Scaredy Bear! Scaredy Bear!”

“I would like to know courage.” Bobby confessed as he watched the partying ghosts.

Frankenstein pulled a small suit from his pocket. “Try this on. I believe it’s just your size.”

“What is it?” Bobby asked.

“It’s a Spooky Suit, of course. Put it on, and you shall have courage.” Frankenstein leaned closer to Bobby and whispered in his fluffy ear, “And best of all, you will be able to scare off those pesky ghosts.”

So Bobby tossed off his covers and donned the suit. The shirt was black with white “super stripes” on the arms, and a big ghost patch on the chest. The pants were velvety soft terry cloth. But the mask was the best part, because it made him feel like a monster.

“BOO!” Bobby blurted.

The ghosts flew from Bobby’s room so fast they looked like streaks of lightning. Frankenstein cheered, “Hooray for Bobby Boo!”

Bobby stood atop his bed with his furry paws on his hips. “Thank you Frankenstein! This awesome suit has given me courage!”

“Quite the contrary, my furry friend.” Frankenstein replied. “Your courage was found before you put on the suit.”

Now Frankenstein and Bobby spend every Halloween night hunting ghosts, for the good of all mankind. Thanks to Bobby’s magical “Spooky Suit” and his clumsy kind friend Frankenstein, Bobby is no longer a “Scaredy Bear”. He is Bobby Boo!

©2017 Bonbon Bears

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Sweet October

Halloween, Tuesday October 31st * National Boss’s Day, Monday October 16th * Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2017

Eeeek!  There are so many happenings in October, it’s scary!  October is the perfect time to cuddle up to your “Beary Favorite Boss” on Boss’s Day, celebrate sweet survival for Breast Cancer Awareness month, or do like “Bobby Boo” and hang out with Frankenstein for Halloween!  At Bonbon Bears we have it covered!

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Remember to cuddle up to your boss on Boss’s Day, Monday October 16th.  After all, every boss needs a little love.  Shower them with sweets, softness, and a boss-worthy stoneware mug with our adorable Bosco the Bear Boss’s Day Candy Bear Bouquet.

Celebrate sweet survival during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2017.  We love the American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF), who provides education, access and financial assistance to aid in the early detection, treatment, and survival of breast cancer for underserved and uninsured individuals, regardless of age or gender.  If you know someone who has battled/survived breast cancer, remember them with our Pink Pizzazz Sock Monkey Breast Cancer Awareness Candy Bouquet.  2.5% of our profits from this bouquet are donated to the ABCF!

And last but not least, (not to mention the very last day of October), it’s time to dress up like a monster and eat too much candy on Halloween, Tuesday October 31st.  We can thank the ancient Celts for this time honored tradition, which is thought to have originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.  Plus ancient Irish, British and Scottish festivals that included apple bobbing, and “mumming” and “guising”, where people went house to house in costume reciting verses or songs in exchange for treats.  When youths in Scotland performed this ritual, they threatened to do mischief if they were not welcomed.  Sound familiar?  Today we call this trick-or-treating!  Our customs today are also thought to have been influenced by Christian dogma, since Halloween is the evening before the Christian holy days of “All Hallows’ Day” on November 1st, and “All Souls Day” on November 2nd, thus giving October 31st the full name of “All Hallows’ Eve”.

Indeed Halloween is a very old holiday, rich in history and tradition.  And the “beary best” way to celebrate is with our frighteningly sweet and cuddly Bobby Boo and Frankenstein Too Halloween Candy Bear Bouquet.  Send this spooktacular gift to your “sweet pumpkin”, and honor all the Halloween traditions, with “Bobby Boo” the bear “guising” as a bone chilling ghost, offering treats and threatening mischief with his ceramic pal Frankenstein.


“Warm Fuzzies” from Bosco
for Hurricane Victims

Bosco the Bear

At Bonbon Bears our hearts and prayers go out to the staggering millions who have suffered from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.  During the month of September 2017, 2.5% of our profits will be donated to the American Red Cross to support relief efforts.

Bosco says, “Whenever we are faced with disasters such as these, we are reminded of what matters most.  Our loved ones who cannot be replaced, and our call to take care of each other.  So don’t forget to shower your friends and family with ‘warm fuzzies’ each day.  Because when the day is done we are not made of our crude material possessions, rather, we are nothing more than how we treat each other.”

Make Grandparents Day Grand!

Grandparents Day, Sunday Sept. 10 2017

Have you “bear hugged” your grandma and grandpa lately?  If not, you can make up for it on National Grandparents Day, Sunday September 10 2017.  Since 1978 when Congress passed the legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day, our beloved grandparents have a special day to call their own – and receive presents!  So how can you make your Grandparents’ Day grand?  Shower them with gifts!  Here are a few ideas:

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  • Take a “Grandie”!  Gather up Grandma and Grandpa, grab your phone and handy dandy selfie stick, and shoot!  And if Mom and Dad are around, grab them too for a rare multi-generational shot.  Print it and give it to your grandparents with a greeting card (yes, one of those old fashioned paper things you actually hold in your hand) or even as gift wrap embellishment.  They will cherish it always!
  • Spend some “koality” time together – after all, not all gifts are material.  Volunteer together at your local community kitchen, nursing home, or animal shelter.  Cook together and bake some cookies – every Grandma has a secret recipe!  Go fishing and listen to Grandpa’s stories of wisdom.  But beware.  While you think you’re giving gifts to Grandma and Grandpa, the memories will be your gift to yourself for the rest of your life.
  • Plant a tree with Grandpa.  In addition to providing a “bear worthy” back-scratching post, it will hold the legacy of your grand relationship for a long, long time.
  • And did you know that calories don’t count when you’re a grandparent?   Our Granny and Me Candy Bear Bouquet features our collectible “Granny and Me” Heirloom Bearington Bear Plush “bearing” lots of old fashioned candies, a lovely Silk Dahlia Flower, a hand painted mason jar with burlap and lace and more.  Or for Grandpa there’s our Bensen the Bear Fishing Candy Bear Bouquet featuring our collectible “Bensen” Heirloom Bearington Bear Plush, lots of chocolates, and a gorgeous Fishing Mug.  These gifts are the most cuddly way to sweeten up your “Beary Best Grandparents”!

Finally, the best gift you can give your grandparents is your time.  Speaking on behalf of all the “Beary Best Grandparents” out there, as we get older we discover the secret to eternal life is living in the hearts of our children, and their children, and so on.  Each moment you spend with your beloved grandparent is a gift that enriches both their legacy, and yours.

©2017 Bonbon Bears


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