Graveyard Ghoul Gala

Halloween, Wednesday October 31st

Graveyard Ghoul Gala

One Halloween night Morty the bear visited the bear graveyard.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch was the sole sound in the quiet graveyard when Morty tip toed from one grave to the next.  He read every headstone aloud for no one to hear…

“Here lies Bertie Bear.  By the time he died he had no hair.”  Morty read.

“Bronson Bear lies down under, the last thing he heard was a clap of thunder.”

“Poor ol’ Lady Bear Bea, she fell to her death from a pine tree.”  Morty whispered and gasped.

Little did Morty know, he was not alone.  Three ghouls snuck up behind him, and tapped his furry shoulder…

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Papa Bear’s Pimentos

    “Beary Best Dad” Bearington Bears

One sunny morning Papa Bear sat in his reclining chair, eating green olives.  “Slurp, crunch.  Slurp, crunch.  Slurp, crunch.”

“What are you eating, Papa?”  Baby Padgett Bear asked.

“Green olives.”  Papa Bear answered between slurps and crunches.

“Oh.”  Baby Padgett Bear said.  “Why are they so noisy to eat?”

“What did you say, Son?”  Papa Bear could barely hear Padgett over his slurps and crunches.

“I said,” Baby Padgett Bear shouted, “why are they so noisy to eat?”

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On Your Way to Me

Mother’s Day, Sunday May 13th

On Your Way to Me

When Hala the baby horse woke, she had no mom.

But she was strong nonetheless.  She stood tall atop spindly wobbly legs dwarfed by knees and ankles.  She swished her short bushy tail and shook her head until her mane stood straight up.

“It’s OK.”  Hala said for no one to hear.  “Someday I will find my mom.  While I wait, I will learn how to walk.”  She sniffed the new air, blew out her nose, “Pfffffft!”  And she took her first steps…

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Coco and Nugget and the Slice of Rainbow

Easter, Sunday April 1st

Cocoa and Nugget and the Slice of Rainbow

“Psst!”  Nugget the yellow baby chick said in a whisper shout.  “Here Coco, here’s another egg.”

Coco the brown baby bunny grabbed the chicken egg.  “Cool!  I’ll go hide it!”

Coco scampered off into the flower filled meadow, and hid the egg behind a bush.

Coco and Nugget were the best of friends.  They played together, ate together, and even napped together.  But most of all, they loved to cause trouble…

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This Valentine’s Day, Hugh Loves You!

Valentine’s Day, Wednesday February 14th

“Who Loves You?”

After finishing a balmy bath in her herd’s favorite hot spring, Elsa the Elephant rested her trunk and stood tall in the warm winter sun.

“Valentine’s Day delivery!”  Squawked Telly the Toucan, and he landed on Elsa’s back.

“For me?”  Elsa blushed.  She playfully plucked the valentine card from Telly’s beak with her trunk.  “I wonder who it’s from.”  Elsa pretended to be surprised, though she had anxiously awaited this moment all day.

Elsa scurried to the nearest canopy tree and squatted in the sand.  She held the valentine in the tip of her trunk, and read aloud…

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Christmas Is a Bear!


Christmas, Monday December 25th

It was Christmas Eve in the forest, and not a sound could be heard.  Not a single owl was hooting, not a cicada was chirping, and not a sole wolf was howling.  All the creatures knew, they had to be asleep before Santa Bear would come.

“Christmas is a bear this year.”  Santa Bear fretted.  “The ‘good list’ is much too long.  How will I ever reach all the baby animals in time?”

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A Thanksgiving Pumpkin Puzzle

  “Izzy A. Pumpkin” Bearington Bear

Izzy Wizzy iz a pumpkin
Izzy Wizzy iz a bear
If Izzy Wizzy iz a pumpkin
Izzy Wizzy izn’t a bear
Or izzy?

©2017 Bonbon Bears

So the question is, izzy a pumpkin, or izzy a bear? Let your loved ones decide when you send them our “fall-licious” Thanksgiving Candy Bear Bouquet. Featuring our Collectible pumpkin scented “Izzy A. Pumpkin” Hand Crafted Bear from the award winning Bearington Bear collection, and loaded with popular chocolates, a Hammond’s Gourmet Hand-Pulled Lollipop, and a decadent Hammond’s Gourmet Chocolate Bar – all “stuffed” into our hand woven Cornucopia embellished with lovely fall silk florals.  It’s a horn of plenty – of cuddly sweets!

Bobby Boo’s “Spooky Suit”

Bobby was afraid of ghosts.  And for very good reason…

After Bobby went to bed each night, dozens of ghosts came out to play.  They danced around his bed.  They played with his toys.  They sang ghostly songs.  While Bobby hid under his covers and shook with fear, the rowdy ghosts chanted, “Bobby is a Scaredy Bear!”

One frightful night Frankenstein joined the party. But Frankenstein was kind. “Come out from under your covers, my furry friend. Never mind those goofy ghosts. They cannot harm you, for they are made of mist.”

Bobby peeked out from under his covers. “That’s easy for you to s-s-s-say,” he stuttered and squeaked. “You’re a m-m-m-monster. What have you to fear?”

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Sweet October

Halloween, Tuesday October 31st * National Boss’s Day, Monday October 16th * Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2017

Eeeek!  There are so many happenings in October, it’s scary!  October is the perfect time to cuddle up to your “Beary Favorite Boss” on Boss’s Day, celebrate sweet survival for Breast Cancer Awareness month, or do like “Bobby Boo” and hang out with Frankenstein for Halloween!  At Bonbon Bears we have it covered!

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“Warm Fuzzies” from Bosco
for Hurricane Victims

Bosco the Bear

At Bonbon Bears our hearts and prayers go out to the staggering millions who have suffered from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.  During the month of September 2017, 2.5% of our profits will be donated to the American Red Cross to support relief efforts.

Bosco says, “Whenever we are faced with disasters such as these, we are reminded of what matters most.  Our loved ones who cannot be replaced, and our call to take care of each other.  So don’t forget to shower your friends and family with ‘warm fuzzies’ each day.  Because when the day is done we are not made of our crude material possessions, rather, we are nothing more than how we treat each other.”

Make Grandparents Day Grand!

Grandparents Day, Sunday Sept. 10 2017

Have you “bear hugged” your grandma and grandpa lately?  If not, you can make up for it on National Grandparents Day, Sunday September 10 2017.  Since 1978 when Congress passed the legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day, our beloved grandparents have a special day to call their own – and receive presents!  So how can you make your Grandparents’ Day grand?  Shower them with gifts!  Here are a few ideas:

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At Bonbon Bears, Our Cuddly Candy Bear Bouquets are Handcrafted and Made to Order with Your Candy Choices.  With Fine Collectible Plush, High Quality Ceramics and Containers filled with Popular Chocolates and Candies, Gourmet Lollipops and Gourmet Candy Bars, and Embellished with Festive Decor and Handmade Bows. And We Ship Nationwide! Send your loved one a “Good Bear Day” with a Bonbon Bears Candy Bear Bouquet!